Dei Furbi

La Flauta Màgica - Variacions Dei Furbi

Dei Furbi does a free adaptation of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flaute under the subtitle Dei Furbi Variations. A version of theatre and a cappella music. We can only find voices. The instrumental part goes through the voices and the singing of the actors in adapted polyphonies created for this staging.

It’s a combination of theatre and music in which the scenic space is resolved by the lighting. To stage La Flauta Màgica with joy and delight is one of the aims of Dei Furbi company. 
It must be highlighted that some of the fragments of the original play that are usually suppressed have been used for this version.

For Dei Furbi the characters of the performance are the only mirrors in which we can reflect.

Dei Furbi keeps on researching into a lyrical and poetical speech that’s very close to the simplicity of carnival. Faithful to the charmand beautyof its simple human and technical resources it highlights the perspective of a theatrical practice linked to the tradition of looking at the actor as the centre, subject and object of the dramatic action.

This project refuses voluntarily the excesses and doesn’t pretend to stage a repertory opera. Dei Furbi, with this new challenge, wants to propose a free theatrical reinterpretation of one of the most important pieces of the Western culture, highlighting it’s specific content and showing the great theatre that there is in Mozart.

Dei Furbi’s shows are distinguished by a way of creating theatre that follows faithfully collective creation techniques. A structure in which we can recognize the spirit of carnival. The carrousel of human comedy.  


La flauta mágica is a great symbolic fiction that culminates in a universal fraternity hymn.

Mozart expresses in a clear and precise way that it’s thanks to the power of music (of art) that the characters can happily go through the dark night of fear.

With this idea Dei Furbi company synthesizes Mozart’s piece and it chooses it as a storyline. In this context we can only see the absolutist speculation between Good and Evil at a symbolical level and as the foreground to understand the behavior of our real main characters. Behind “the search for the light” they become contemporary and ours.

Nevertheless Dei Furbi has spiced up the play with a great amount of humor that makes this excellent staging highly recommended to great lovers of  jokes and fun.

Artistic Credits

Direction Gemma Beltran
Musical direction David Costa
Performers Toni Vinyals, Queralt Albinyana, Marc Pujol, Robert González, Anna Herebia, David Marcé and Albert Mora
Musical arrangements Paco Viciana
Lighting design David Bofarull
Scenic space Ramon Ivars, Oscar Merino and Gemma Beltran
Costume design Ramon Ivars and Gemma Beltran
Balinese masks
Costumes Elisa Echegaray and Maria Albadalejo
Movement and direction assistant Boris Daussà
Project coordinator and production Marta Riera amb Maria G. Rovelló 
Image Wave Cap
Technical chief David Bofarull and Javier Muñoz
Production Baubo SCCL

With the collaboration of ATRIUM Viladecans – and Vol-Ras

With thanks to Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Vol-Ras,, Josep Maria Martí, Claudio Zulian, Jacobo Sucari, Alberto Fregenal, Mabel, Montse Guallar, Marta Figueras, Roger Julià, Jorge Bernárdez, Gilbert Bosch, Lluís San Andrés, Dietrich Grosse and David Marcé.




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