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Gemma Beltran / Dei Furbi- Oklahoma was released on the 19th of July at the Teatre Lliure - Espai Lliure being part of the schedule of the Grec Festival de Barcelona 2017 and SEASON IN BARCELONA, Teatre Akadèmia From the 20th of september to the 15th of october.


Critics said (fragments):

‘Talent, enginy, virtuosisme dramatúrgic i actoral i autenticitat.' 'La companyia Dei Furbi ens regala, tot celebrant el seu quinzè aniversari, un espectacle insòlit i que toca la genialitat.                                                                                                  ’Ferran Baile, RECOMANA 23/07/2017  


‘Un espectáculo tan inusual como inspirado que divierte a través de la reflexión escénica'. 'Un trabajo delicado y hábil y totalmente rotundo el éxito de inclusión multidisciplinar.’Fernando Solla, EN PLATEA 21/07/2017

"Anna Alborch, Robert González i Toni Vinyals, fan un treball acuradíssim de cada moviment i so que fan tan corporalment com auditivament, sense deixar perdre cap detall."Espectáculosbcn.com





In 1927, three years after the writer's death, Amerika, an unfinished book by Kafka also known as The Man who Disappeared was published posthumously. In the last chapter, the protagonist sees an advertisement published by the Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, which proposes to hire anyone who wants to play him or herself on stage. It is the story of a theatre that is intended to be an allegory of the whole world, a world in which art might be the last hope. Now, Gemma Beltran and Dei Furbi reinterpret that story in a free version, fused with other fictional works by the author, such as The Trial, The Castle and The Metamorphosis, and with references to Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello.


The play features three out-of-work actors, used to being excluded from the labour market, who hope to find work at the Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, and feel happy. However, will they really be able to act if everyone plays himself, and therefore, will it all be theatre? Pieces of music arranged to be performed a capella, a simple set made up of shadows, a large white background and ribbons that delimit the space envelop the actors, the stars of a theatre in which we are all observed and we are all exposed.


This is the new show by Gemma Beltran and Dei Furbi, a company with a long history that became famopus with its highly acclaimed and multi award-winning production of The Magic Flute but which has also produced pieces such as Trilogia MozArt, Asufre, Homes de Shakespeare, L'illa dels esclaus, Tocata i Fuga, Divertimento or Scherzo




Director: Gemma Beltran
Written by: Gemma Beltran, based on texts by F. Kafka, Lewis Carroll, Pirandello and Calderón de la Barca
Performed by: Toni Viñals, Robert González and Anna Alborch
Musical arrangements: Paco Viciana
Stage set: Ramon Ivars i Gemma Beltran
Movement during the laborastory: Moreno Bernandi
Wardrobe: Ramon Ivars i Gemma Beltran
Lighting design: David Bofarull
Photography: Sergi Garriga Riu
Assistant director: Boris Daussà
Stagehand: Estanis Aboal
Executive production: Cristina Ferrer/ Marta Riera